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When trail runners should take exogenous ketones

Michael Brandt is the Founder-CEO of HVMN, a company that makes exogenous ketones. In this clip from our interview on the Singletrack Podcast, he talks about how and why to supplement with exogenous ketones on a long run.

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And if I'm at mile 12 of a 20 mile long run out on some trail here in the Wasatch Mountains, I can take down a bottle of Ketone-IQ and as well as a Maurten gel or a Spring Energy gel. And that makes sense from a nutritional fueling standpoint?


Yeah. That's what we recommend for endurance athletes. Every two or three times that you have a carbohydrate gel have a shot of Ketone-IQ.

There's this general ratio where you want a dual fuel. They're two separate energy systems. They don't compete with one another. They stack.

It's like saying, should I have caffeine or should I have a GU energy shot. It's like, well, those are two separate things and you know, a lot of people would, would consider stacking them. Now caffeine's a whole other thing where, caffeine is acaloric, we don't consider it a macronutrient. It doesn't have calories, but it is stimulating, it does get your system excited and ready to go.

So the point is that it's like, should I have electrolytes or should I have carbohydrates? Should I have water or should I have a GU energy shot? It's like, well, you need hydration and you need fuel. And you should have both because you're able to put them through separate pathways and have a great time out there

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