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Sept. 10, 2021

Eric Senseman | Coconino Cowboys, Trail Running Towns, Sports Philosophy

Eric Senseman | Coconino Cowboys, Trail Running Towns, Sports Philosophy
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On today’s show, we have Eric Senseman. Eric is a professional trail runner for Hoka One One, Rabbit, and Gu Energy.  Alongside Jim Walmsley, Tim Freriks, Stephen Kirsch, Jared Hazen, and Cody Reed,  Eric is also a member of the Coconino Cowboys, the famous training group based in the American endurance sports Mecca of Flagstaff, AZ. Like previous guests of the pod, one of the things I appreciate about Eric is how willing and excited he is to comment on some of the biggest issues, opportunities, and questions around our sport.  

We discuss: the factors required to create the Coconino Cowboys, the similarities and differences of their setup to counterparts like Hoka NAZ Elite in the track and field space, as well the conditions needed to build similar training groups elsewhere in the US. Eric reflects on his strategy of surrounding himself with better runners in order to fast track his ascent in the sport. We talk about the makings of a good trail town, and we cover how media coverage is evolving in our sport and what innovation will look like in the near and long terms. 


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