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Good stuff

Great podcast. Would be even better with Jack Kuenzle on every week :)

Best of the Best

Finn is on the vanguard of the new breed of podcasters. Relevant, contemporary, savvy and ethically minded. There are lots out there, this one is tops.

Fantastic show!

Great conversations with great guests, I can’t recommend enough!

Hot Take

Best ultra trail running podcast on the internet.


hard to get such a great mix of quality and quantity but finn and co. have achieved it

Great Running Podcast

Great show with excellent guests and quality running content!

The bar has been raised

Finn has on an amazing mix of voices on the show and does a fantastic job really probing the developing sport of trail. The approach, both in interviewing and in coverage, is intelligent and professional. It elicits high quality conversations and provides great entertainment value.

So many reasons to listen!

I love this podcast. I am a newer fan to Ultra running but have been a trail runner for decades. It is so cool and interesting to hear the ins and outs of the sport and get to know some of the main players. On a side note, Finn has the best “radio” voice. I wish he would record books on tape!😀

Singletrack Is Great For The Sport Of Ultra Running

Finn does a great job of asking interesting questions and diving deep into the field for the big races. I love the episodes where he teams up with Brett Hornig

Great for the sport

This podcast is revolutionary for the sport. Take a listen and follow. Passion meets information and love of the trails!

Finn is the absolute best!

Support this guy! He is doing so much for the sport!

Awesome content!!!

I love this pod for all things ultra running! It’s my absolute favorite for pre-race interviews.

Great trail and ultra running content

This pod is great for anyone who participates in, or follows, trail and ultra running.

Great content

Great content for trail runners and trail fans. Talks on all subjects related with different view points.

One of the best running podcast

I’ve tried listening to many different running podcasts, but this one just hits different. The quality of conversation is incredible. Finn, and co-hosts, ask meaningful questions, and go deeper into the minds of runners, that really inspire the listener. I know the depth of question and the answers given by his guest inspire me to keep training and pushing to reach my goals. Oh, audio quality is on point too. Keep it up!

Great listen

It’s nice to listen to a podcast that covers multiple viewpoints and doesn’t shy away from perspectives that don’t necessarily align with the hosts. We desperately need more content that values diversity of thought instead of polarizing viewpoints. Our sport prides itself in diversity yet, all to often, we see how if one disagrees, they are often cancelled or boycotted. Finn positions himself as a calm relatable, respectable host that encourages helpful conversation.

Great listen!

Finn brings an interesting and unique point of view to the space. It’s definitely not the same old recycled material you often see in the running podcast arena. Great and engaging guests, even some who may or may not be in the sunset of their career!

Great addition to the trail community

Finn is a great speaker and interviewer. Good for the sport!

Great Content, Great Vibe

Love listening to this podcast on a weekly basis. The pre-race episodes are awesome banter. The interviews are unique and really interesting. Every episode is worth a listen to see all the facets of trail and ultra running.

Great Interviews

I’ve been listening to your podcast for about a year and love the pre-race interviews. I really enjoy your style, just getting right in and interviewing the guests while assuming your audience understands trail running and ultras already. Keep up the good work!

Favorite trail running podcast

Great conservations, regularly updated and varied content

Love trail running? Listen to this pod!

This is an excellent podcast for those into trail running or those who are trail running curious. In depth convos, fun banter and useful tidbits of info. The race preview/prediction shows are good fun, I really appreciate the combo of perspectives and synergy of Leah, Brett and Finn. Thanks for putting quality content out there!

Love this podcast!

This podcast is great and always has good vibes and humor. Conversations have substance and are introspective in addition to giving us the hype for upcoming events and major race results. Also always awesome guests!

Great for the sport

A podcast the exhibits and builds the unique culture of North American Trail Running in a way that values people and individual stories over marketing and money. As Trail Running becomes more professional this reminds us of what it is really all about.

Bandera 100K Preview

Absolutely LOVE the creativity this podcast brings to the sport of Ultrarunning. Insightful thoughts, opinions, and conversation topics. Also, the race previews with Brett, Leah, and others are very detailed and informative (minus the Finn hot-takes 🤣). Keep up the good work!

Love love love it

Absolutely up there with the best trail running podcasts If not the best trail running podcast out there. If you’re a fan of the sport in anyway-especially if you’ve enjoyed participating in fantasy free trail or follow ultras or GTWS in any capacity this podcast is for you. From race predictions, to race recaps, to hypotheticals about what the future of trail running has in store and thoughtful athlete interviews, there’s a wide variety of thoughtful content covered. Basically everything they discuss on the podcast is what interests me as a fan of the sport and I’ve really enjoyed how quickly Finn/Brett/Leah have made this a great podcast to listen to. I feel it usually takes a while for podcasters to get comfortable interviewing/talking to guests but they seem to have a talent for it from the getgo and I’ve certainly enjoyed this podcast as much if not more than any of the other alternative Trailrunning pods out there. Keep up the great work and thank you creating such an enjoyable podcast!

For the trail running fan

One of my new favorite running podcasts. This podcast has a good mix between well known and under the radar athlete interviews, as well as discussion about the sport of trail running as a whole.

Incredible content

Thankful for a show so well done and clearly researched beforehand. Finn and company have a great rapport and makes for easy listening. Also, I really appreciate the high level of production. Keep bringing this great content!

Definitely my favorite running podcast

I listen to TONS of running podcasts (~15/week) and The Singletrack pod is just so so good. I love how Finn is unapologetically focused on the elite side and the professionalism of the sport. I love the long episodes, quick pre-race interviews, and prediction episodes.

Great list of guests!

The amount of consistently great guests on this podcast is incredible!