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Sept. 18, 2021

Larissa Rivers | Trail Running Stores, Sports Marketing, Strava

Larissa Rivers | Trail Running Stores, Sports Marketing, Strava
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I’m calling this Strava week because, yes, we have another representative from the platform here today.

Larissa Rivers is the North American Marketing Lead at Strava leading all brand efforts in the US and Canada through community building and nationally engaging programs. She joined Strava back in 2012 when it was still only relatively known amongst a cult following of cyclists with a view towards growing the brand amongst runners. The year after that, she and  her husband, Brett opened up San Francisco Running Company to serve the trail runners in the Bay Area. They sold the company in 2019 and now live with mountain views in Louisville, CO with their three young and very active girls. 

In this conversation, we go in depth about - 

  • Her experience establishing the iconic San Francisco Running company with Brett, and her advice for getting a trail running store off the ground
  • What it was like in the early days of building the run community on the Strava app 
  • How Strava works with athlete influencers, her favorite  stories to tell as a marketer, and how even hardcore athlete can be relatable to the rest of the community 
  • The  ways to make all athletes comfortable being their raw authentic selves on the platform 
  • Ways to improve representation in our sport

Tune in now!

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