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Jonathan Levitt | For The Long Run Podcast, State of Running Content, Athlete-Sponsorship Landscape

Jonathan Levitt is the Host of the "For The Long Run" Podcast (https://forthelong.run/), a show that explores the why behind what keeps runners running long, strong, and motivated. In this conversation, we talk in-depth about the state of running podcasts, changes in the athlete-sponsor landscape, and how to build a career in the endurance world.


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(3:17) - riffing on what's damaging to the craft of running podcasting
(10:58) - sponsorship dilemmas, incentives in running podcasting
(14:08) - considering how sponsors spread in the running world
(16:15) - Jon's background in the endurance sports world
(35:42) - the "burnt ends" philosophy of running content creation
(42:36) - how to serve your podcast audience
(47:11) - optimism and pessimism in the running podcast space
(52:19) - not overcomplicating running content creation
(57:47) - endemic versus non-endemic sponsors in running
(70:10) - the opportunities non-endemic sponsors provide to the running world
(76:16) - how athletes can identify and start non-endemic sponsor relationships
(83:33) - understanding and appreciating the sponsorship grind
(93:51) - importance of supporting running creators
(100:20) - investing more into performance, content creation, lifestyle
(109:43) - the changing athlete-sponsor relationship
(119:23) - examples of the changing athlete-sponsor relationship
(128:49) - next evolutions in the running media space
(132:00) - opportunities for next generation running content creators
(138:47) - what's next for Jon and For The Long Run Podcast

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