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Heather Jackson | Pro Triathlon Career, Switch To Ultrarunning, Javelina Jundred Recap

Heather Jackson is a professional triathlete and now trail and ultra runner for Hoka who splits her time between Bend, OR and Tucson, AZ.

Heather joins the Singletrack Podcast to talk about her impressive debut ultra race at the 2022 Javelina Jundred, her decision to pause her triathlon career in favor of ultrarunning and gravel biking, her ideas for the 2023 season, and much more.


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(1:14) - whether she has ignited interest in ultrarunning among triathlon fans
(4:55) - reflecting on professional endurance athletic career to date
(13:54) - athletes she's followed, been in touch with in the ultrarunning scene so far
(20:00) - splitting time between Tucson, AZ and Bend, OR
(24:59) - pausing triathlon career out of curiosity for other sports
(31:59) - significant October racing schedule, including Javelina
(36:05) - what went well, what went wrong at Javelina
(46:02) - current thoughts post-Javelina
(48:22) - first impressions of the ultrarunning scene
(53:52) - potential races for 2023

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