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Andy Wacker | America's Next Trail Running Team

Andy Wacker is a professional trail runner for Salomon based in Boulder, CO. The focus of our conversation is on Andy’s new organization called the “Trail Team”, which is launching in 2023 to support and develop rising American athletes into the best professional trail runners in the world.


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(0:04) - Andy's background in trail running, what it was like trying to make it as a pro in the sport in the late 2000s and early 2010s
(6:21) - reflecting on the drop-off in talent pipeline for post-collegiate athletes in the trail scene
(10:21) - where our sport is at now for emerging/aspiring professional athletes
(14:31) - assessing the talent gap or opportunity gap for American athletes compared to European and other international trail runners
(16:49) - explaining the concept of Andy's "Trail Team" and the services offered (mentorship, skill development, media exposure)
(26:30) - business model for the team, interest from potential partners
(31:14) - where brands and existing institutions fall short and why Trail Team is well-positioned to solve these problems
(35:19) - athlete recruitment to the Trail Team, what they're looking for, goals for 2023
(41:55) - whether it's easier to make it professionally as an ultra or sub-ultra trail runner in 2023

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