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2022 Ultra Trail Cape Town Preview | Analysis, Storylines, Predictions

In this episode, I am joined by Brett Hornig and Leah Yingling to preview the 2022 Ultra Trail Cape Town 100K. We analyze the course, talk about what it's going to take to be successful, note some of the interesting storylines around the event, and make our predictions for the female and male top-5 finishers this year.


(0:00) - catching up with Leah and Brett on their recent performances at the 80K World Championships and Javelina Jundred
(4:14) - initial impressions about Ultra Trail Cape Town before we did our research, got to know the course/people/scene
(7:19) - thoughts on why Cape Town has stayed relevant despite the growth of UTMB World Series, etc
(15:46) - schedule, live coverage, race features, etc
(24:07) - course analysis
(36:22) - women’s field contenders, storylines, predictions
(52:18) - men’s field contenders, storylines, predictions
(72:16) - 100 mile and 55K race contenders, storylines
(79:05) - final thoughts

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