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Aug. 16, 2022

Jim Walmsley | 2022 UTMB Pre-Race Interview

Jim Walmsley | 2022 UTMB Pre-Race Interview

Jim Walmsley is a professional trail runner for Hoka based in the French Alps preparing for the 2022 UTMB.


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  • (0:20) - willingness to publicly set goals and be held accountable to those goals
  • (2:18) - experience so far uprooting from Flagstaff, AZ to live and train in the French Alps
  • (8:38) - whether there was ever any scenario for Jim where training for UTMB in the United States this summer made sense
  • (11:27) - whether he is primarily racing the clock or racing his competitors at this year’s UTMB
  • (14:40) - whether anything less than a win at this event would be a disappointment 
  • (17:03) - whether he is the American man best suited to win UTMB
  • (18:19) - whether he enjoys following competitors and the media circus in the leadup to these events
  • (20:28) - how he feels heading into this year’s UTMB compared to prior years
  • (22:02) - whether he’s as excited about ultra running as he was 5-6 years ago
  • (25:43) - whether he has a set timeline for how much longer he wants to compete in the sport


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