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March 14, 2022

Jasmin Paris | 2022 Barkley Marathons Reflections

Jasmin Paris | 2022 Barkley Marathons Reflections
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Jasmin Paris is professional trail runner for Inov-8 based in the United Kingdom.

Her racing resume is significant with an overall win at the 2019 Spine race, a fastest known time on the Bob Graham Round, a top-10 finish at 2016 UTMB, and way more. Most recently, she completed 3 laps, also known as a “Fun Run”, at the vaunted Barkley Marathons in Tennessee’s Frozen Head State Park.

Due to Jasmin’s media schedule, we only had 20 minutes to chat but we covered good ground including what inspired her to line up for Barkley, what her physical and mental preparation looked like, the keys to completing a fun run, whether she has plans to return next year or beyond, and what other events and routes in the United States interest her.


  • (1:32) - will Jasmin return to Barkley soon?
  • (1:52) - what inspired her Barkley attempt
  • (4:12) - what her training looked like for Barkley
  • (6:47) - sleep deprivation training?
  • (8:32) - mentally preparing for Barkley
  • (10:46) - whether her mental toughness is innate or trained 
  • (12:57) - balancing high-level ultra training and performance with work and parenting
  • (14:38) - the keys to completing 3 laps at Barkley
  • (17:11) - what she would do differently next time around
  • (18:44) - other United States races and routes that appeal to her


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