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Feb. 20, 2022

Golden Ticket Talks | Scott Traer, Black Canyon 100K 2nd Place Male

Golden Ticket Talks | Scott Traer, Black Canyon 100K 2nd Place Male
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In this episode, we talk with the 2nd place male finisher at the 2022 Black Canyon 100K, Scott Traer.

Scott is based in the Phoenix, AZ area via Boston, MA and not only punched his ticket to Western States this coming June, but also ran the 4th fastest time in course history at the age of 40. In addition to race analysis, we also talk about the New England trail running scene, his recent media work with Aravaipa Running, his Run Fastah coaching business, and more.


  • (1:01) - Scott explains his unusual running apparel 
  • (2:30) - Scott talks about the "Chasing Gold" interview series he hosted for Aravaipa Running
  • (5:09) - Scott's background in ultra running and his trail running beginnings in New England
  • (13:00) - Scott reflects on running the 4th fastest time ever on the Black Canyon 100K course and securing a golden ticket to the Western States 100
  • (26:52) - Scott's coaching philosophy and how he got into the profession
  • (30:04) - What's exciting Scott most about ultrarunning right now


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