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June 16, 2022

Adam Kimble | 2022 Western States 100 Pre-Race Interview

Adam Kimble | 2022 Western States 100 Pre-Race Interview
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Adam Kimble is a professional trail runner for Hoka based in Tahoe City, CA returning to this year's Western States 100 looking to improve upon a 13th place performance at the 2018 event.


  • (2:23) - experience in game shows, alternative ultra endurance events, etc
    (6:39) - making it work from a lifestyle standpoint as a professional ultrarunner
    (7:57) - lessons from a strong Western States finish in 2018
    (10:34) - how the race will play out with fewer "time trialers", more "racers" competing
    (11:54) - how Adam is training and thinking about execution differently this time around
    (13:32) - training as a local in the Lake Tahoe area
    (16:33) - recovery from his Tahoe Rim Trail FKT
    (17:02) - gear he is using on race day


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