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May 20, 2023

Abby Levene | Trail Running Media Reflections

Abby Levene | Trail Running Media Reflections
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Abby Levene returns to the show to discuss all things trail running media. 


  • (2:35) - perspective from pro athlete background and working in outdoor media
  • (7:48) - reflecting on the norms and the line for outspokeness among pro athletes
  • (16:50) - athlete rivalries in endurance sports
  • (20:32) - outsourcing athlete social media
  • (34:21) - analyzing trail running films and storytelling, being critical of content creators
  • (52:50) - athlete experiments in going social media dark 
  • (57:28) - whether the state of outdoor media is bleak
  • (69:01) - running media tradeoffs



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