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Aug. 23, 2022

2022 UTMB Preview | Analysis, Storylines, Predictions

2022 UTMB Preview | Analysis, Storylines, Predictions
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In this episode, I am joined by Brett Hornig and Leah Yinling to preview the 2022 UTMB.

We analyze the course, talk about what it's going to take to be successful, note some of the interesting storylines around the event, and yes, make our predictions for the female and male top-5 finishers this year.

Note - this episode focuses exclusively on the women's and men's UTMB fields. We do not discuss TDS, CCC, or OCC. Not for lack of interest, but simply for lack of time. We decided it would be best to go deep on one race instead of sparsely discuss all 4.

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  • (3:31) - why UTMB is such an important event in our sport
  • (7:06) - what it takes to be successful at this race
  • (14:50) - weather for this year’s race
  • (23:48) - logistical hurdles at this year’s race
  • (28:07) - women’s field storylines, analysis, predictions
  • (48:07) - men’s field storylines, analysis, predictions
  • (64:42) - more talk about the American contingents 
  • (73:01) - miscellaneous, parting thoughts about the race


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