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April 19, 2022

2022 Canyons 100K Preview | The Last Western States Golden Ticket Race

2022 Canyons 100K Preview | The Last Western States Golden Ticket Race
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I am joined once again by frequent co-host Brett Hornig to preview the last race of the 2022 Golden Ticket Series - the Canyons 100K - taking place in Auburn, CA this coming weekend.

We cover what’s it going to take to be successful, the likely conditions on race day, analysis of the men's and women’s fields, and our golden ticket predictions. Let's go!


  • (1:59) - Canyons 100K hype
  • (3:27) - An opportunity for the new generation of ultrarunners
  • (6:03) - Is this one of the deepest/most competitive American races ever?
  • (10:40) - How this race might unfold, what it will take to win or podium
  • (24:28) - Analyzing the training of top competitors
  • (28:42) - Projected course conditions
  • (34:31) - Men's field analysis and predictions
  • (54:03) - Women's field analysis and predictions

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