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Stacking exogenous ketones and caffeine for trail runners

Michael Brandt is the Founder-CEO of HVMN, a company that makes exogenous ketones. In this clip from our interview on the Singletrack Podcast, he discusses whether you can drink exogenous ketones and coffee simultaneously.

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Is it okay to take these in conjunction with coffee or even a large meal and you're fine?


Yeah. Coffee's really interesting, right? Coffee's a stimulant. It increases brain activity, excites the nervous system, and that creates an energy demand. It's like your brain is all fired up, but you still give it some actual fuel. So they stack together really well.

A lot of people maybe have tried or heard of Bulletproof Coffee. And I mentioned it earlier, this idea that you have coffee and you put fat, oftentimes it's MCT, which is a medium chain triglyceride - a form of fat that relatively easy converts into ketones. That's super popular.

I had dinner with Dave Asprey recently, the guy that invented Bulletproof Coffee. He borrowed that concept from Nepalese Sherpas, where they would have some sort of tea with yak butter.

And, you know, this is people in the Himalayas climbing up Everest and living at that level of altitude and harshness and so the ability to have caffeine plus fat, that, you know, your body's turning into ketones that, that to them, that's just their ancient super fuel.

So yeah, caffeine and ketones are an age old stack in that sense. They play really well together. And then yeah, as far as stacking Ketone-IQ with other forms of food snacks - of course. Yeah. It stacks well, it goes through a different pathway. It doesn't compete with your other fuel sources. It literally gives you a different form of fuel source through a parallel channel than what other carbohydrates and typical types of fueling that you're used to.

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