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Sabrina Stanley | 2022 UTMB Pre-Race Interview

Sabrina Stanley is a professional trail runner for Adidas Terrex based in Silverton, CO preparing for the 2022 UTMB.


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- (0:31) - insight into her decision to go "all-in" on UTMB this year
- (2:20) - whether she was considering the Hardrock-UTMB double
- (3:32) - training for UTMB in Chamonix all summer
- (5:14) - reflecting on the ability to perform at a higher level on race day
- (6:53) - learnings in this training block
- (8:14) - whether she will make similar "all-in" commitments to future races
- (9:22) - confidence and fitness levels heading into race day
- (10:27) - expectations for race day

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