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Lindsay Webster | OCR Retirement, Move To Skyrunning, Future Plans

Lindsay Webster is a professional endurance athlete based in Sutton, Quebec. Widely regarded as one of - if not the greatest - obstacle course racers of all-time, Lindsay made waves earlier this year following her decision to retire from the sport she has dominated for many years in order to focus on skyrunning.

In this conversation we talk about how her background contributed to her excellence in endurance sports, her decision to become a full-time professional athlete in her mid-20s, her reasons for leaving OCR and getting into skyrunning, what the future looks like for her in the trail and ultrarunning world, and more.


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(0:23) - background, influence growing up with an Olympian
(5:45 - becoming a full-time professional athlete in her mid-20s
(8:44) - motivation and goal-setting after hitting all your biggest targets
(13:29) - whether she will ever return to OCR
(20:59) - choosing between skyrunning, golden trail, and other event series
(23:06) - lessons so far from skyrunning
(27:25) - lifestyle while traveling on the skyrunning circuit
(31:48) - explaining OCR organizations
(35:05) - similarities and differences in professionalism between OCR and trail running
(38:29) - opportunities and challenges for OCR over the next few years
(41:10) - OCR media
(42:27) - miscellaneous questions

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