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Golden Ticket Talks | Jonathan Rea, 2022 Javelina Jundred

Welcome back to another episode of the Golden Ticket Talks in which we chat with 2nd place finisher at the 2022 Javelina Jundred, Jonathan Rea.

Jonathan is currently an unsponsored athlete based in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to memorable moments during training and the race, we also talk about Jon’s approach to social media, environmentalism, and his prior experience at the Western States 100.

We last chatted after his win at Bandera earlier this year and I’ve been looking for an excuse to have him on the pod again so here it is.


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(0:00) - two golden tickets in one calendar year
(1:11) - why he is not on social media
(7:34) - current sponsorship status
(10:28) - environmentalism
(16:29) - 2022 Western States experience
(21:37) - Javelina Jundred conversation
(38:24) - what the next 6-8 months will look like
(40:32) - parting thoughts

Photo: Matt Shapiro

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