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Des Linden | Making The Move To Trail And Ultrarunning

Des Linden is a professional runner for Brooks Running. She joins the Singletrack Podcast to talk about a range of topics including her interests in sports psychology, her nascent career as a commentator for NBC in their running broadcasts, and perhaps most notably to this audience - her intentions to transition from road marathons to trail and ultra running as early as next year.

Photo Credit: Luke Webster (https://www.lukewwebster.com/)


(0:37) - running background, accolades
(2:01) - interests in sports psychology
(5:00) - how she thinks about and handles pressure
(7:31) - broadcasting, running commentary career
(17:38) - reflections on the current stage of her marathoning career
(19:28) - 50K world record, interests in ultras after that experience
(22:14) - how she thinks about career transitions
(24:39) - talks with sponsors about switching to/trying trails and ultras
(25:39) - memorable moments visiting Chamonix this year, spectating UTMB
(28:57) - strengths and weaknesses on trails
(30:49) - other trails and ultra races she's interested in
(31:50) - inspirations in our sport
(32:43) - whether she will go "all-in" on trail and ultra running
(34:08) - how her training and lifestyle would change switching to ultras
(35:21) - miscellaneous questions 


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