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Are exogenous ketones the next big thing in trail running nutrition?

Michael Brandt is the CEO and Co-Founder of HVMN, a nutrition company that makes exogenous ketone products for endurance athletes. We talk about what exogenous ketones are, how they benefit endurance athletes, how they can be incorporated into daily nutrition schedules, and what the future looks like for their usage in the trail and ultrarunning scene.


(0:50) - Burning Man Ultramarathon
(6:32) - founding story of HVMN
(9:05) - Department of Defense research on exogenous ketones
(14:23) - what ketones are
(17:16) - differences between endogenous and exogenous ketones
(22:47) - consuming exogenous ketones concurrently with other macronutrients
(30:48) - benefits of exogenous ketones
(46:30) - how and when to use exogenous ketones
(52:27) - criticisms of exogenous ketones
(62:57) - running applications for exogenous exogenous ketones
(69:51) - loading phase for exogenous ketones, tolerance to exogenous ketones
(72:00) - measuring ketone levels
(75:28) - HVMN exogenous ketones


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An important disclosure before we start this conversation -

HVMN is a sponsor of this show. I receive money and product from them in exchange for advertising reads and links in the show notes of these episodes, so that's important for you - the listener - to note.

That said, I am also a super fan of their products as I am for all the products that I've ever endorsed on this show.

I've been taking exogenous ketones daily enduring runs for the last three months, for example.

Regardless, it is important that I maintain the integrity of this show and always provide context for critical relationships in certain episodes. And this is one of those times.

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