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Anton Krupicka | 2022 Ultra-Trail Cape Town Pre-Race Interview

Anton Krupicka is a professional trail runner for La Sportiva based in Boulder, CO preparing for the Ultra Trail Cape Town 55K event.


(0:09) - 2022 highlights
(4:46) - international racing legacy
(9:23) - whether he has same competitive mindset that he had 10 years ago
(13:02) - whether personal growth would have happened without the injuries
(15:08) - reflecting on the months he spent living and training in Ashland, OR
(19:58) - how Cape Town got on his radar, what inspired him to enter
(21:39) - racing the 55K instead of the 100K
(24:02) - course knowledge, what's possible on race day
(26:59) - website, blog status, podcast/book recommendations
(36:42) - talking about the state of ultrarunning

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