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Allie Ostrander | Trail Running Focus, Professional Comeback, NNormal Partnership

Allie Ostrander is a professional runner for Nnormal based in Seattle, WA.

Allie has notched many accomplishments on the track winning 3 national collegiate titles in the steeplechase, running professionally for the Brooks Beasts, and winning the 3K event at the 2020 Millrose Games among accolades while also demonstrating impressive versatility winning the famous Mount Marathon race in 2017.

Allie recently announced her signing with the trail running brand NNormal and her focus on trail running for 2023. We have a wide-ranging conversation about her background on the track, being transparent around her struggles with injuries and eating disorder, the state of athlete-brand relations, and the outlook on her new partnership with @nnormal_official and focus on trail running in 2023.


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(0:17) - how growing up in Alaska influenced running identity
(2:48) - collegiate and professional running resume
(5:01) - being certain about pro athlete path
(10:44) - unsustainable paths to pro running
(18:44) - broader sport discussion around eating disorders
(26:10) - the value of being transparent about struggles
(310:21) - how brands have responded
(35:15) - how the media influences athletes
(39:30) - influence of Emelie Forsberg and Kilian Jornet, signing with NNormal
(47:27) - trail running interests, training, race schedule
(56:31) - final thoughts

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