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#trailrunning #ultrarunning #mountainrunning

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#ultrarunning #trailrunning #mountainrunning

In this episode, we talk with Nick Coury. Nick is less than 48 hours removed from setting the American 24 hour running record of 173.015 miles at the Desert Solstice event down in Arizona.

While the intention of this episode was to do a deep dive on Ni…

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Maybe you’ve been thinking about being a creator and/or building a business of some sort in the running world. If that’s the case, this video is the first in a series of "behind the scenes" looks at how the Singletrack Podcast is built. You will get a totally transparent view into what we are worki…

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In this episode, we catch up with pro runner, business owner, environmental advocate, and Salt Lake City local - Grayson Murphy.

We cover:

- Her experience at the 2021 olympic trials in the steeplechase event
- Her unique ability to transition between and excel on the track, road, and trails
- H…

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