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2022 UTMB Recap | Favorite Performances, Memorable Moments, Future Changes

I am joined by frequent co-hosts Brett Hornig and Leah Yingling to recap the week that was in Chamonix, France for the UTMB series of events. We talk about some of our favorite performances and memorable moments, what the events will look like in years to come with all of the application changes, the impacts of these races on the overall 2022 mountain ultra trail running season, and much much more.


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(2:01) - reflecting on the Chamonix race week vibes
(3:44) - livestream experience
(7:30) - Des Linden in Chamonix
(11:21) - crewing at UTMB
(21:39) - standout performances at UTMB, CCC, OCC
(35:50) - interesting stats about the UTMB races
(46:01) - whether this was and will be for quite some time the most competitive UTMB
(49:55) - who will take the Western States golden tickets from UTMB
(54:41) - DNFs and next races
(61:45) - ATRA tweet about gender equality at UTMB events
(69:00) - miscellaneous parting thoughts

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