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Feb. 25, 2022

Tom Evans | Pro Ultrarunning Playbook, UTMB 2022, Trail Running Teams

Tom Evans | Pro Ultrarunning Playbook, UTMB 2022, Trail Running Teams
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Tom Evans is a Professional Mountain Ultra Trail Runner for Adidas Terrex and Red Bull based in the Birmingham, UK area.

Over the last 3-4 years, Tom has become one of the best athletes in our sport with notable performances at some of the most important races including a win at the 2018 CCC and a sub-15 hour podium finish at the 2019 Western States 100.

What stands out to me, however, is his level of commitment to the sport and the depth to which he prepares for each event. I believe his all-in, full-time approach represents the cutting edge that will become the norm for professional athletes in our sport by the end of the decade.


  • (3:02) - knee injury and recovery process
  • (11:55) - how to approach the day to day of recovery
  • (14:35) - the role of sponsors in the recovery process
  • (24:21) - what professional ultra running looks like
  • (34:04) - the competitive advantage of training full-time
  • (41:14) - creating an environment to make success inevitable
  • (46:35) - benefits of training groups
  • (49:27) - thoughts on trail running teams
  • (53:27) - preparing for the 2022 UTMB
  • (61:46) - whether pro ultra runners will need to specialize in distances and terrain
  • (64:16) - learning from athletes in other sports


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