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Jan. 20, 2022

Taggart VanEtten | Road Ultrarunning, Midwest Scene, 100 Mile World Record Attempt

Taggart VanEtten | Road Ultrarunning, Midwest Scene, 100 Mile World Record Attempt
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Taggart VanEtten is an endurance athlete based in Central Illinois. 

In addition to having one of the best names in our sport, Taggart made a big splash on the ultra scene in 2021. We talk about those race experiences, but also dig into how his background has influenced the type of training he does, what attracted him to our sport, why he's leaving for a bit, his thoughts on sponsorship, the culture of our sport, and way more. 

While Taggart is returning to the road marathon scene in an attempt to qualify for the Olympic Trials in 2024, be on the lookout for his eventual return to ultrarunning. He is one of the most confident, determined athletes I have come across. And as you will find out in this conversation, he has lofty goals left to pursue.


  • (1:51) - running and triathlon background
  • (4:41) - 100 Mile WR attempt, switch to OTQ attempt
  • (7:11) - whether Taggart can get the 50 mile, 100K, and 100 mile WRs
  • (8:55) - OTQ motivations, ultrarunning burnout
  • (12:14) - sources of confidence
  • (13:26) - cultural differences between triathlons and ultramarathons
  • (15:03) - why Taggart isn't afraid of anyone
  • (17:15) - why Taggart trains alone
  • (18:21) - training philosophy, mindset, and lifestyle
  • (24:28) - nobody cares, work harder, internal motivation
  • (29:44) - sponsorship thoughts, full-time running thoughts
  • (31:47) - midwest ultrarunning scene, lack of media coverage, road ultras
  • (36:29) - negative splitting thoughts
  • (39:32) - why more elite endurance athletes don't do ultras
  • (42:42) - 100K WR excitement
  • (45:15) - Taggart explains his best tweets
  • (49:17) - what's on tap when Taggart returns to ultras in 2024


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