Welcome to the Singletrack!
Nov. 14, 2021

State of the Singletrack | Starting A Trail Running Media Company

State of the Singletrack | Starting A Trail Running Media Company
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Maybe you’ve been thinking about being a creator and/or building a business of some sort in the running world. If that’s the case, this video is the first in a series of "behind the scenes" looks at how the Singletrack Podcast is built. You will get a totally transparent view into what we are working on, where are succeeding, where we are failing, what we are planning, and more. By listening in on these conversations, we hope to give you ideas on how to start and succeed with your own venture. 

In this first episode of what we are calling "State of The Singletrack", Finn Melanson and Mike Tamayo talk about their new partnership. Mike is the Founder-CEO of Tamayo Creative and will be coming on board as Creative Director in charge of all social media, design, and overall branding for the Singletrack operation. In this first episode, they also cover:

- How Mike and Finn first met
- The influence of the Salt Lake City running community 
- Mike's running background
- How Singletrack got started
- What the future looks like for Singletrack 

In future episodes, you can expect us to get more tactical and strategic about exactly what's going on behind the scenes - like insights into how we are building podcasts, recruiting guests, preparing for interviews, designing content, trying to make money, and more.