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Feb. 5, 2022

Sarah Cummings | Wasatch Trail Scene, Brooks Running, JFK 50, Lessons From Injury

Sarah Cummings | Wasatch Trail Scene, Brooks Running, JFK 50, Lessons From Injury
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Sarah Cummings is a Professional Trail Runner for Brooks based in Park City, Utah.

We talk about her introduction to the trail world after a significant collegiate and post collegiate career on the roads, her experience and lessons learned rehabbing from a traumatic hamstring injury that could have ended her running career altogether, how she landed in Park City, her thoughts on the Wasatch trail running scene, her 2022 racing plans and more.

As you all know, I think the Wasatch has the potential to be the next American cultural hub for trail running. In fact, one of my big predictions is that by 2023 this will be the place in the same way that Mill Valley carried the banner in the mid 2010s and how Flagstaff did the same in the late 2010s. I think there’s been a gap to fill for a few years, especially since the pandemic started. And I think its anyones for the taking, so why not Salt Lake? I mention that here because I think Sarah is becoming one of the great ambassadors for our region and her influence (along with others) will help make it happen fast.


  • (1:44) - running background
  • (6:02) - choosing Park City, UT to lifestyle and training
  • (9:47) - training philosophy
  • (11:37) - hamstring injury, recovery process, healing mindset 
  • (22:17) - JFK 50 victory
  • (27:17) - Brooks sponsorship
  • (31:29) - the question of full-time running
  • (35:21) - excitement about SLC/PC running scene
  • (39:30) - subjectivity of trail running
  • (44:46) - increasing access to trail running


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