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March 17, 2023

Sabrina Little | The Vices Of Ultrarunning Fandom

Sabrina Little | The Vices Of Ultrarunning Fandom
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Sabrina Little is a Philosophy Professor and Professional Ultrarunner based in Newport News, VA. Sabrina is also a regular columnist for IRunfar and we spend the majority of this conversation discussing a recent post she wrote about what it might look like to be a good fan, as well as a bad fan, of ultra running during this era of significant change in our sport.



  • (1:32) - connecting running and philosophy
  • (10:15) - whether academia or running has had a bigger influence on philosophy
  • (14:18) - motivation to reflect on ultrarunning fans
  • (25:34) - gossip, escapism, anonymity, rooting for vice
  • (39:45) - whether negative in-sport characteristics translate to other areas of life
  • (48:54) - how fan behavior impacts the future of ultrarunning


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