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A rising voice in trail running

I really enjoy this podcast. Finn is a natural and effective interviewer that brings fantastic guests onto the podcast. Probably my favorite podcast in the trail running space.

Good stuff

Can’t recommend this pod enough!

Who’s coming on next 👀

Finn brings such an interesting perspective on the growth of trail running. His guests all support the sport in different ways and span from CEOs of major trail brands all the way to lesser known individuals who are pushing the human limits of the sport every day. I love the depth of the conversations and the uniqueness of the guests. Finn gives a voice to non obvious but extremely important guests. Excited to see this pod take off.

great interviews and thoughtful questions

always excited to see a new episode added to my playlist


Finn, the host, gives us a glimpse into the human side of ultra running with some of the biggest names.

Brings the Stoke

Finn exudes passion for trail running, knows his stuff, and uses great interviewing skills. He gives guests space to talk and asks thoughtful questions. A great podcast for those just getting into the trail running scene or for those already entrenched.

THE premiere Ultra Running Podcast!

Get ahead of the game and get on this one, all! Finn has the podcast voice, style, and experience of a full on vet. This has been a perfect balance of question and answer style that makes me stoked for the next! Such a smooth listen and I love the insight of something that I knew nothing about coming in! Great to learn and hear all these perspectives of big ultra names! Nicely done, Finn!

Gets my juices flowing

Finn is a master at following dreams and learning as much as he can from others. That comes through clearly in his conversations with others. He’s an expert at collecting knowledge and as he creates more content this will be an amazing resource. I’m excited for each episode and love listening to this during my morning runs.

Incredible potential

Absolutely love the interview style and intentionality behind each question. The podcast is recorded at high quality and is a delight to listen to. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Exciting new voice

Finn has a great perspective on life, trail running and business. He’s got a great vision for trail running and this podcast. Get in on the ground floor of this one guys.

Bright future!

Honored to be a guest and excited to see what Finn brings to the conversation in coming episodes!


Great listen and different insight into the sport. So excited for more content!