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Big Ups

High quality production, interesting questions and plenty of space for guests to speak and we listen. Keep it up, Finn!

Excellent pod

Finn does an amazing job providing a unique look into the burgeoning ultramarathon scene while keeping it accessible to the masses.


Joe Rogan better watch out - Finn Melanson is coming for him in the podcast game. Incredible stuff

Getting me pumped to be a trail runner

I stumbled across this podcast as I’m preparing to move to Utah and have been blown away by all the stories and knowledge I’ve gained. I always thought trail running was so intense, but Finn does a great job at creating a welcoming and informative space. Looking forward to shredding some trails out West!

New favorite running podcast

This podcast always gets me psyched to go for a run. I love the variety of guests that Finn has on the show. I often find myself thinking about the topics that are covered and the questions that were asked long after the episode is over :)

Keep up the strong work!

Great listen. Thoughtful and inspiring content. Easy to listen to on the run.


I was trying to think on a word that explains why this podcast is good. It’s the “atmosphere”!! Finn creates a welcoming space to listen and learn.

interview of Logan Williams

This podcast is a window into self-actualization…with ultra running just one portal

A foray into the minds of the mad

I personally would never run an ultra and I can't understand why anyone would...but listening to Finn and his guests explain what brought them to inflict such masochistic pain on themselves and how much pleasure they derive out of it is one of if not the highlight of my week every week. It's almost got me wanting to get out of my house and find out what this whole running thing is about (almost). Big props to Finn and his calming, almost transcendent voice; I plan on listening for a long long time

Makes Time Fly By

Runner or not, give it a listen! Finn has crafted some great questions for his guests and put together a platform for such interesting convos! Listen to it on a drive, on the treadmill, while cooking, etc, it really makes the time fly by!

Singletrack 👌🏻👌🏻

This is hands down my favorite running podcast. Finn is a dedicated, passionate trail runner and his love for the sport shows in his interviews. I also highly recommend signing up for the newsletter. Without question - big things ahead for Singletrack!

Great podcast!

My favorite ultra running podcast, I meet Finn a few years ago, he is highly knowledgeable and an amazing Ultrarunner himself, this a different podcast, you will love it, can’t wait for the next episode!

Best pod voice in the biz

Love Singletrack! Enjoy how Finn brings on more than just the elites. From business owners to marketers to media professionals, we get to hear about the sport of ultrarunning from a lot of different angles. Look forward to this every week. 🤘🏻

The complete picture!

Finn’s unique perspective on our sport is a breathe of fresh air. Having guests that are in their peak in ultras, to having guests that have a great strategy on the business side really helps the listener get the full in depth look into our sport. I’m always looking forward to the next episode!

Good stuff!

Fin is an excellent conversationalist and brings a variety of personalities from around the running world to talk about not just running, but a myriad of relatable topics that we all can enjoy. Worth the listen!

Interesting for anyone who even thinks about trail/ultra running

As someone who is pretty new to the sport (about to run my first 50M race next month), this podcast continues to solidify why trail running is such an incredible sport. Finn's podcast is truly genuine and he gets me so excited about all aspects of it, especially the community. However, the topics/guests/questions are though provoking enough that they expand outside of running. I would never guess that this is his first go at podcasting, the quality comes across as he is a seasoned pro. I am so excited to see what the future of the the Single Track holds and excited to keep listening!

Great interviews!

Interesting podcast that’s a little different from others in the space. Lots of potential! Looking forward to new episodes.

Great host!

Finn is a great host and friend and it was a pleasure to be one of his guests!

Great discussions on all things trail

Amazing show covering a wide range of topics in the field of trail running.

Exciting stuff ahead

Clearly very high quality content and production. Finn is the man!

More than a running podcast

Finn blends business with running in a well structured thought provoking format. It’s been fun to listen to the range of guests!


Great pod! Love the interviews and the flow of conversation! I’d definitely recommend this pod to anyone that loves ultras!

My go to

I’m very pleased with how entertaining this podcast is. I’m also pleased that the host is pumping them out. This is the running podcast we all wish we would have come up with

Entertaining and Informative

Lots of really great guests and conversations about the inner workings of the business side of the sport. Finn provides a unique perspective and is an excellent interviewer. Definitely recommend.

In depth and on point

Host Finn Melanson has hit the sweet spot at the intersection of business and trail/ultra running. As one of the fastest growing segments in the outdoor/endurance world, there is a lot happening and the single track podcast dives in to help you keep up with what’s happening on the cutting edge. Definitely one of the best trail/ultra shows available today.

Wide variety of guest

Singletrack is a great new podcast with a wide variety of guest. The host asked quality questions and is always trying to help think how the sport of utra/trail can grow.

So great!

High quality podcast with great guests and conversations!!

Makes you proud to be an American athlete

Finn’s pod encapsulates everything good about the American mythos—yes, grit, determination, entrepreneurship—but especially creativity and camaraderie. He may talk softly but he runs with a big stick. Athletes of all stripes are losing the race if they aren’t listening.

Listen to it

Truly top notch conversations

Must listen for trail runners.

One of my favorite trail running podcasts. It’s got a different take to the interview process that makes it unlike all the other trail running pods. Tons of interesting takes and tons of super interesting guests.