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Just what I’m looking for

I can’t get enough of their content. Great interviews and in-depth analysis.

An amazing trail podcast

I can’t get enough of trail running podcasts and single track is top shelf! Keep up the great work!


Finn is an incredible interviewer and his guests just get more and more interesting. Really if “diggin” this one

Great conversations

Finn not only does a great job building interesting conversations, but finds really great guests from the Ultrarunning community.

Trail Talk

You throw this on, on a trail run and it makes you want to push your limits! 100miler? Keep up the good work Finn we are all waiting for the next one the second you sign off!

Top notch podcast

I love listening to the single track and look forward to every episode that comes out! Finn does a great job digging into interviewees thoughts and views on the sport. The episodes flow seamlessly from topic to topic. It not only inspires to become a better runner but the podcast focuses on following your passions whatever it may be. Can’t wait to see what else is in store!


Knowing Finn I’m always struck by how quality seems to come so naturally to him. It’s very obvious he injects value into whatever he does. The podcast is just another testament to that :)

Love the conversation!

The thoughtfulness of Finns questions and dialogue is top notch. I miss our long talks in the gym or on the trail. But no longer, I have Finn in my ears. Thanks for doing this buddy!😘

Great guests

Glad I started listening to this - Finn gets great guests and clearly has a passion. I’ve been trying to pick up trail running and this is good motivation.

Can’t stop listening!

Absolutely love this podcast. Finn is a fantastic host and always gets his guests to share extremely interesting stories. Can’t wait for the next episode to drop 🔥

Perfect intersectionality of trail running / entrepreneurship

This podcast is very insightful into the several themes that encompass the sport of Mountain/Ultra/Trail running as well the aspects of entrepreneurship that have helped the sport grow. Im thankful for the transparency and openness of the business ends of the sport and how it has evolved. Quite a wide variety of guests and great chemistry with the guests in their dialogue. Highly recommend!

What trail running needs

Single track gets to the heart of North American Trail running in a way that stays true to the distinct culture that the sport has here. Exploring the essence of this most elemental movement and the intersectionality between movement, music, art, science, and spirituality. Truly a gem

Great new show!

I’d heard of Finn through the local SLC trail running scene and I thought I’d give the show a listen. I’m hooked! The Singletrack is full of engaging questions and interesting guests. It always leaves me deep in thought every time I turn it on and go for a run. I definitely feel like I’m right there with friends having these conversations. I can’t wait to see how the show keeps growing!

Great Company!

Finn is a fine-tuned conversationalist with an innate curiosity that shines through in this podcast. He asks difficult questions that transcend running, allowing space for the philosophical banter that is familiar to anyone that has ever put foot to trail. I’ve found great company listening to this podcast during long runs and cannot wait to see more though-provoking content from this host who clearly has his finger on the pulse of the global trail-running scene.

Water from a deeper well

You start listening because you think it’s about trail running, but it turns out to be about music and philosophy and business and finding your why…and life. Trail running turns out to be the canvas upon which all these introspective topics are based. Finn is a greater interviewer and curator, drawing out insights from his guests. A must-listen!

Really enjoy this podcast

Finn’s done a great job sourcing guests and asking good questions. As someone’s who interesting in training, but also the business of running, I think this is one of the best resources out there. Keep it up Finn.

More, more and more more! Can’t get enough

Finn is a very articulate host and it’s been a pleasure to listen to the different guests that have come on the show to share their stories and experiences. Trail runners rule and this podcasts rocks.


Finn’s passion for the sport transcends beautifully into this podcast and interviews. He asks poignant questions which cut to the heart of the sport and life itself, a very nice breath of fresh air in a scene that is always evolving. What a great addition to the morning routine.

Single Track

Great, insightful questions! Thorough, interesting, and useful advice!


Legit podcast about interesting things, people, places in the trail running community. Finn has a good voice as the show’s host, lets people tell their stories but still guides the conversation. Always a go to listen.

Great listen

I listen to a bunch of podcasts and this is now easily one of my favorites!

The People’s Podcast

Finn asks the questions we want to hear.

Perfect pod for any runner

Intro trail runner here, ~1 year in after moving to an area with more accessible trails. Finn & his guests are SO knowledgable about the sport and are welcoming to all types of runners, weather you’re competitive or just do it because you love it. A great listen for your run, workout, car ride, whatever.

Honest, insightful & curious

Finn shares his experience in a candid and engaging manner. Challenges himself to include spectrum of opinions. it’s fun to see his perspective evolve as he continues to soak in new perspectives and share new knowledge that he’s gained firsthand

Runners high from the podcast

Thanks single track podcast. You inspire me to find new ways to improve and enjoy my runs more than ever. Also just great conversations that people in the industry need to hear! Keep it up

Best Running Podcast Out There

This podcast has become by far my favorite one to listen to, Finn is incredible. The variety of guests he has on is incredible and the conversation is so insightful.

Good insight

Finn does a great job finding a wide range of guests that add some different perspectives to the trail space.

Must Listen

I found this Podcast running and now it’s my go-to.

The trail running podcast you've been waiting for

Finn is a natural interviewer that asks the questions you want to hear to guests you want to hear from in the running and trail community.

Question and answer

It is clear Finn loves what he does: his questions are sophisticated and efficient and attention grabbing, and he has the patience and confidence to allow his guests to answer them fully; and in the process it becomes a entertaining repartee between host and guest that the listener feels privileged to hear.