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Fantastic show- diverse guests

Finn does an awesome job of finding great guests and asking really interesting questions and getting great answers . His mini series about the business side of trail running- talking to people who work for the brands- was super insightful. I’m always keen to listen to his podcasts

So good!!!!

Love what Finn is doing! A mix of current events, prognostication, story lines and behind the scenes of the sport and industry. Plus he has a great podcasting voice. :)

The new trail running pod!

There are plenty of trail and ultra podcasts out there, but this one sets itself apart! Come for the interesting guests, stay for a professional production and great questions for Finn!

Keep it up!

Started following after the Bandera 100k post race interviews and the great content keeps coming. It’s been great to see the show evolving to cover new topics and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Love This Podcast!

Finn covers a wide variety of topics in the trail running community and always brings a thoughtful perspective. Great guests, great host, and the best pre-race coverage out there!

Great Resource

This podcast is quickly becoming one of the best resources for what is going on with the sport and who the current and emerging talent is. Great Job!

Best Trail Running Podcast Out There!

By far the best trail running podcast out there. Great conversations covering all aspects of the sport.

Low audio

This is by far the best trail running podcast! But audio of host is so low, at times it’s like he’s whispering. I can’t hear on my gravel bike ride or runs at times.

💗Love Western States Recap

Great recap of Western States!!! Interesting view of athletes with their shoe sponsors & how they did. Love Adam Peterman-so refreshing for the sport💗

Great trail running conversation

Humanizing the inhuman. Amazing athletes with great inspiration.

Great Podcast!

Finn (the host) regularly brings on great guests and has a deep understanding of the sport. He has his perspective but he’s open to other’s as well. One of the best trail running focused podcasts out there!

Never miss podcast

I listen to this podcast’s every release. I really enjoy that it covers athletes from across the country (east coaster here); helps me get to know the runners competing at the big races; and Finn asks questions that help us get to know people as athletes and as humans. If asked to write a billboard for the world to see, I’d say “listen to Singletrack”

Love The Pod

This Gem of a pod came on my radar during western states 100! The coverage of states was absolutely amazing and gave a different perspective then other running podcast! Singletrack pod = must listen

Excellent podcast

Love your consistency in producing great content. Keeps me entertained and inspired on the run!


Great podcast and enjoy the fresh perspective

Great Podcast!

I have many go to podcasts, but lately I’ve been binging Finn’s interviews and love the genuine tone and tenor he brings to this medium. Especially love his occasional gear nerd questions he has for his guests. Can’t wait to hear more!

Great host!

Finn asks great questions and is a kind, interested host. New fan!


Finn does a great job interviewing a diverse group of participants in the sport. Great quality podcast that gets me stoked to keep trail running!


The Singletrack Podcast is my favorite thing to have in my ear while on a trail run. Finn’s love of the sport comes though in every interview. I appreciate his lack of ego and listening skills. He comes prepared but seems always willing to pivot when his guest surprises him. Strong recommendation.

Great content.

Great content, Finn. Thank you.

One of my favorite trail running podcasts

Love that Finn brings the “fan” perspective to these interviews

Awesome job!

Just discovered this pod and I have binged most of the episodes during long runs. Really great work and guests!! Keep it up!

Excellent Pod

Well worth the daily listen. Guests are high caliber while sharing lots of insight and stories.

Great show

Awesome podcasts!With lots of running podcasts out there, I like how the hostIs able to have meaningful interviews with interesting topics and is not afraid to challenge his interviewees.Really fun banter and great content. Recommend!

Great for ultra running

The guests are awesome, super great conversations and gives us all people to cheer for at future races! Great pod

A MUST Add if you love running Trails

This podcast does a great job digging into a variety of topics and connecting with interesting and diverse guests. The ease and flow of the snow makes it feel really effortless and like you are connecting with friends. I love that the host is clearly knowledgable about the guests and topics and keeps the conversation flowing. I listen on my long runs or on my commute to work. Definitely keep this one in your mix.

Excellent Trail/Ultra Pod

Really enjoy the guests and the well prepared hosts. This podcast is worth adding to your rotation.

Great trail running podcast

Great addition to the trail running community. Interviewer asks really insightful questions and does a great job connecting with guests

A long time coming

I’ve been listening to this podcast since its beginning. It started out strong with well-crafted, yet authentic, questions that bring fresh perspectives to the sport of ultra/trail running. I especially like how Finn brings ideas and applications from other disciplines into the sport, creating a fertile seedbed for healthy, continued growth. It has also been exciting to see the Singletrack pod grow with the addition of new segments and formats, like the Coaching Calls, Ticket Talks, and AMAs. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Singletrack Pod and the sport of Ultra/Trail Running!

Glad I found

Enjoyable and glad I found this podcast. Good interviews