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A long time coming

I’ve been listening to this podcast since its beginning. It started out strong with well-crafted, yet authentic, questions that bring fresh perspectives to the sport of ultra/trail running. I especially like how Finn brings ideas and applications from other disciplines into the sport, creating a fertile seedbed for healthy, continued growth. It has also been exciting to see the Singletrack pod grow with the addition of new segments and formats, like the Coaching Calls, Ticket Talks, and AMAs. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Singletrack Pod and the sport of Ultra/Trail Running!

Glad I found

Enjoyable and glad I found this podcast. Good interviews

One of my favorite podcasts

Love this show. Great interviews with runners. Host really does his homework and digs in with his questions without overshadowing with his own view. Quality content.

What’s been missing from the trail/ultra podcast scene

This is the trail/ultra podcast format that all levels in the sport can really sink their teeth into. Great topics and great guests, but what I love most is how the show moves. When a question is posed in earnest, it’s answered. No rambling or know-it-all responses, just solid thoughts and opinions that cut to the point.

The running content we all need

There is something for everyone here whether or not you are involved in the trail and ultra space. It covers the running and racing side of the sport which is great, but it also focuses on some of the less talked about sides of endurance sports. The honesty from those interviewed is awesome, and hearing how professionals in the running space define success is really insightful and grounding. As someone who made the transition to trail running in pursuit of a professional career, hearing about the sponsorship and involvement side of the sport is unbelievably helpful and makes the whole process a little less intimidating as well. Cant recommend enough!

Solid podcast for both runners and non runners alike

This podcast is definitely for runners, but can appeal to really anyone. I really like how Finn goes beyond the usual questions about training, nutrition, etc and really asks some deep questions. You leave each episode feeling like you know the guest as a person, not just as an athlete. Some really food stuff in here, and highly recommend!


It’s great to listen to people with passion; those not in a hurry to talk between themselves and educate the listener. This is Podcasts at their best. Onward!!!!

Refreshing look at trail and ultrarunning

Great conversations about running that go beyond the typical training tips and race performances. Interesting guest list, too!!

Hooray for HillyGoat!

Fantastic episode with Hillary Allen. I was already familiar with her story, and loved hearing more of her incredible wisdom and perspective. She is amazing. Finn’s questions were so thoughtful and insightful, and led to an excellent discussion of so many aspects of the sport. I’m now a big fan of the SingleTrack podcast!

Great trail running podcast

I recently became introduced to this podcast thanks to Adam Merry. I love the variety of topics. I also appreciate that Finn has conversations about making trail running more accessible and diverse. There have been many interesting guests. Looking forward to more episodes!

3 for 3, can’t wait to keep listening!

I discovered Finn’s podcast after seeing he had an interview with Adam Merry. I’ve met Adam & his wife through mutual friends & they are WONDERFUL. I’ve since listened to 2 others from Finn - Ellie Pell’s and Sam Parsons’. Absolutely loved all 3. Finn’s questions are thoughtful & insightful & you can hear his love for running throughout. I’ll definitely continue listening and YOU SHOULD TOO! :)

Trail Running! 🤘🏃‍♂️

A great podcast about trail running! Check it out!

5 stars

I just came across this new running/ trail running podcasts. He’s solid and keeps the conversation interesting and rolling. I’m definitely going to keep listening.

Fresh perspective

A great podcast that tackles sponsorship in trail and ultra running as well as the stories of many great runners.

Engaging and different kinda question

It’s nice to see a podcast that is brave to ask questions and not following the “everything is hyper positive” mindset. Looking forward to listen more of it

Relaxed approach to tdd rad ail and ultra running

There’s a lot of podcasts out there on trail running and ultra running. I find quite a few of them unnerving and rather obnoxious. This show comes from a genuine interest based line of questions mixed with the perfect amount of flow state conversation which is so very refreshing. 🙌🏽

Quality Guests, Interesting Takes

Just discovered this podcast and have already listened to quite a few different episodes. Appreciate the research Finn does on his guests, while also allowing them to share what they want to share. The episode about Speedland was great especially since I had seen these shoes popping up on social media and some big name athletes feet and didn’t know much about the company. It was great learning something about the trail culture and really enjoyed a few other episodes from someone who is clearly a fan of the culture, the gear, and wants to share that with others. Will continue to listen to different episodes in the future!

Quality Community Spotlight

This podcast instantly became one of my favorites from the first time I listened to the show. Trail running is a feature topic of the show, and it goes deep! Finn is an engaging, enthusiastic, and casually spirited host that obviously loves the sport, and actively shares it with us by highlighting and uncovering countless valuable, unique, and captivating perspectives of the guests he has on the podcast. If you’re into trail running, want to learn as much as you possibly can about what’s happening now in the sport, and want to find out new and exciting things about it - this show is for you!

Quality Content

Finn has done an exceptional job at researching his guests. He goes past just performance, and digs into topics that highlight the best parts and areas of improvement in the sport.

Great Podcast!

I’ve been really enjoying this podcast! I look forward to the episodes each week. Finn does a great job having a wide variety of guest on and asking in-depth informative questions. SingleTrack is a must add to anyone’s podcast lineup.

Just Discoverd this!

really excited to have learned of this podcast. great iterviews with an interesting mix of athletes , coaches and industry insiders. host finn is easy to listen to and i've found myself listening to multiple episodes a day. great on my commute, even better on my runs! looking forward to more!!

Refreshing Interviews

Truly refreshing interviews that go beyond the “how did you find ultrarunning?” question. Especially interesting if you are curious about the business/sponsorship side of the sport.

Best new running podcast!

Loving this podcast on all types of runs. Great guests and topics. Definitely check it out!


This is a great podcast. Finn does a good job at asking the right questions and has plenty of interesting conversations to explore. Worth it.

Always a solid job

Usually just a casual listener diving in and out when there’s a guest I’m really interested in on but every time I’m always really impressed by the discussions. Great to listen to on the treadmill during these cold winter months

A Great Listen for all!

Finn provides listeners with an honest and open discussion, as he deep dives into ultra running. He gets great guests on his show which makes for an entertaining podcast. Looking forward to more episodes!

Love this podcast

With a great mix of athletes and industry professionals I find myself listening in the car, on runs, and even at work ( but don’t tell). Thanks for the great shows and keep them coming!

Great New Podcast

Really enjoying the new podcast from Finn. Nice to have a fresh trail podcast that probes for the interesting insights from guests.

Great work!

I really enjoy these interviews you are creating. Great work! Keep it up.

Great Listen

Top notch guests, a great listen for all of my long runs