Love love love it

Absolutely up there with the best trail running podcasts If not the best trail running podcast out there. If you’re a fan of the sport in anyway-especially if you’ve enjoyed participating in fantasy free trail or follow ultras or GTWS in any capacity this podcast is for you. From race predictions, to race recaps, to hypotheticals about what the future of trail running has in store and thoughtful athlete interviews, there’s a wide variety of thoughtful content covered.
Basically everything they discuss on the podcast is what interests me as a fan of the sport and I’ve really enjoyed how quickly Finn/Brett/Leah have made this a great podcast to listen to. I feel it usually takes a while for podcasters to get comfortable interviewing/talking to guests but they seem to have a talent for it from the getgo and I’ve certainly enjoyed this podcast as much if not more than any of the other alternative Trailrunning pods out there. Keep up the great work and thank you creating such an enjoyable podcast!

Jan. 2, 2023 by Robpross123 on Apple Podcasts