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Sept. 22, 2022

Matt Chittim | Relay, Running Media, Economics Of Running Podcasts

Matt Chittim | Relay, Running Media, Economics Of Running Podcasts

Matt Chittim is the Host of Rambling Runner, a podcast for dedicated amateur runners who are working hard to get better and achieving inspirational results while balancing running with the rest of their lives. He is also the Founder of Relay, a collection of some of the best content creators and athletes in running coming together to put out the most creative and collaborative running content on the internet.

In this conversation, we talk about this new venture in the running media space, the business of podcasting, some of our inspirations in other sports and realms of business, and more.



  • (2:56) - reflecting back on the Business and Sports Discourse Podcast
  • (17:37) - benefits of running podcast network
  • (28:48) - the middle class of running content creators 
  • (44:07) - the declining power of legacy running media brands 
  • (49:11) - where the gaps are in running content
  • (53:05) - incentivizing running creators to publish on Relay
  • (59:32) - the merits of a paywall for running content
  • (64:10) - the willingness of running fans to pay with money instead of attention for content
  • (68:00) - the pitch for Relay
  • (75:04) - how Relay becomes the best running content on the internet


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