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Jan. 28, 2022

Lee Sackett | Brooks Running, Running Industry Careers, Running Culture Talk

Lee Sackett | Brooks Running, Running Industry Careers, Running Culture Talk
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In this episode we talk with Lee Sackett, a Product Manager for the Blue Line Innovation Footwear team at Brooks Running. 

The first half of our conversation focuses primarily on work, life, and career trajectory in the running industry. The second half dives into a flowy conversation about running culture, growing participation, increasing the entertainment value, and making connections with other sports to raise the level of creativity and perspective in our community.

As you all know, I love having conversations with people on the business side of the sport. Lee is also just a great thinker, running advocate, and overall inspiring human being. I would be shocked if you don't feel compelled to go run 10 miles after this one. Happy listening!


  • (1:44) - interesting people in ultrarunning
  • (11:04) - Lee's work at Brooks Running
  • (22:10) - how Lee got into the running industry
  • (32:36) - advice for others that want to have a career in the running industry
  • (38:48) - additional, outside influences Lee brings to the running industry
  • (43:00) - riffing on the intersection of running and art
  • (53:53) - why Lee does a lot of cycling, the influence it's had on his perspectives
  • (62:20) - thoughts on the growth of running


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