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May 4, 2023

Katie Schide | Eurotrack Introduction, Transvulcania Preview

Katie Schide | Eurotrack Introduction, Transvulcania Preview
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This is the first episode in a series called Eurotrack where I’m joined by Katie Schide and Brett Hornig to analyze key races on the European ultra-trail running circuit.

In this inaugural episode, we talk about the athletes that American fans might overlook, the key training hubs in the region, the races that matter most on the continent, and differences in training, racing, and sports media over there before previewing Transvulcania at the end of the conversation.


  • (2:29) - European trail running training hubs
  • (11:30) - European trail athletes that fly under the radar
  • (37:08) - Key races on the European ultra trail running circuit
  • (51:03) - Transvulcania preview


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