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Aug. 12, 2022

Jordan Hamm | How Brooks Running Is Building Their Trail Running Team

Jordan Hamm | How Brooks Running Is Building Their Trail Running Team
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Jordan Hamm is a Sports Marketing Specialist and serves as the Trail Athlete Manager at Brooks Running based in Seattle, WA. This is another episode in our mini-series providing insights to the athlete-sponsor relationship in trail running. 

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  • (4:36) - how Jordan got started at Brooks Running and became their Trail Athlete Manager
  • (7:23) - market trends that have led Brooks to invest more in trail running in recent years 
  • (9:59) - what a typical day looks like as a Trail Athlete Manager
  • (12:03) - how important athletes are in the marketing a shoe brand
  • (16:53) - the process of scouting for and recruiting athletes to the Brooks team
  • (21:55) - monitoring Strava segments to scout for and recruit runners
  • (24:54) - how much emphasis Brooks places on athletic performance versus social media performance
  • (29:15) - whether Jordan would recommend aspiring sponsored trail runners to focus more on athletic performance or personal brand building
  • (30:52) - breakdown of full-time versus part-time athletes on the Brooks roster
  • (36:35) - whether there's enough or some publicly available information for trail athletes to access and use as part of their negotiation with brands
  • (43:41) - distinction between athletes as independent contractors and employees
  • (46:56) - whether contract NDAs hurt or help athletes and the brands 
  • (48:48) - whether the presence of NDAs indicates that athletes are getting a bad deal
  • (50:18) - whether Brooks will experiment with building a co-located trail running team in the future
  • (55:45) - Brooks events and athletes to watch out for in 2022 and beyond
  • (57:43) - Scott Jurek's current role at Brooks 

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