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April 21, 2022

Jenn Hughes & David Callahan | The State Of Ultrasignup

Jenn Hughes & David Callahan | The State Of Ultrasignup
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In this episode we talk with Jenn Hughes (Managing Editor) and David Callahan (Managing Partner) at Ultrasingup.

Almost all of you know about ultra signup. You use the platform to sign up for races, to check entrants lists, and to scroll through past results. But you might not know that Ultrasignup is expanding in a lot of interesting ways.

We talk about their plans to transition from being a "passive" to more "active" member of the trail and ultra running communities. We learn more about the newly established content arm of the platform, how they are trying to integrate with technological advances outside of the running world including the whole web3 eco system, and much much more.


  • (1:50) - Jenn's professional and endurance sports background
  • (6:45) - David's professional and endurance sports background
  • (10:06) - Comparing and contrasting the past, present, and future of Ultrasignup
  • (14:23) - Creating more opportunities for trail running creators
  • (16:18) - Improving the experience between race registration and race day
  • (19:01) - Where Ultrasignup fits in the trail running media landscape
  • (22:52) - Beta testing message boards at Ultrasignup
  • (27:01) - Content and media inspiration for Ultrasignup's new direction
  • (30:05) - How Ultrasignup is thinking about the opportunities in Web3
  • (34:33) - Race data, how Ultrasignup can help race directors
  • (40:00) - Ultrasignup content that is resonating with readers right now
  • (44:34) - Matchmaking runners and races
  • (47:46) - How Ultrasignup positions itself against other registration platforms
  • (50:52) - What's most exciting about Ultrasignup right now
  • (52:55) - Whether different scoring systems on Ultrasignup, ITRA, etc will be reconciled
  • (57:09) - What Ultrasignup will look like in 2030


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