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Nov. 7, 2021

Jason Fitzgerald | How To Build An Online Running Business

Jason Fitzgerald | How To Build An Online Running Business
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This episode focuses on how to build a running-related internet business. If that’s your jam right now, this is a fantastic episode. 

To show the audience how it’s done, we have Jason Fitzgerald on the pod. Jason is the founder of strengthrunning.com, which has been around for over 12 years. The site hosts a great blog and podcast, and in general it’s a great resource for runners aiming to get stronger, stay healthy, and race faster. 

 For those just getting started on their business journey, we cover how to create awareness, identify your target customers, think about content creation, and determine the best marketing channels to invest in for scalability - all in the context of our running world. 

Jason is a great speaker and drops a ton of knowledge bombs. Again, If you’ve ever wanted to be some sort of entrepreneur in our sport, and leverage the power of the internet to do it, give this one a listen.

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