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Sept. 5, 2022

Jack Kuenzle | Fastest Known Time - Bob Graham Round

Jack Kuenzle | Fastest Known Time - Bob Graham Round
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Jack Kuenzle returns to the podcast to talk about his recent FKT on the Bob Graham Round, which lowered Kilian Jornet’s former record by about 30 minutes sending shockwaves not just through the FKT community, but really through the mountain running community as a whole.


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  • (1:05) - catching up on other FKT efforts, White Mountains 100
  • (18:32) - setting the stage for the Bob Graham Round, history, importance, etc
  • (30:16) - Kilian Jornet and the Bob Graham Round
  • (39:15) - lifestyle changes, preparation for this FKT, investments, workload
  • (52:57) - the day itself, what went right, what when wrong, the atmosphere, etc
  • (76:06) - what this FKT means to Jack
  • (82:24) - what's next, what other FKTs inspire Jack
  • (86:09) - thoughts on sale of fastestknowntime.com
  • (90:52) - whether Jack will take on sponsors now for his athletic endeavors
  • (95:34) - psychological framing for big training
  • (97:44) - talking about the lack of depth of FKTs
  • (89:43) - athletes that are inspiring Jack right now


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