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Jan. 26, 2022

Hillary Allen | Brooks Running, Out And Back, Recovery Process Mindset, 2022 UTMB

Hillary Allen | Brooks Running, Out And Back, Recovery Process Mindset, 2022 UTMB
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Hillary Allen is a professional trail runner for Brooks, a co-host of the Trail Society podcast, and author of  a new book titled "Out And Back: A Runner's Story Of Survival Against All Odds".

In addition to announcing her sponsorship change from the North Face to Brooks, we also dig into the details of her new book and specifically examine issues like health care for professional athletes, the importance of mindset in the recovery process, risk aversion, her perspective going all-in on trail running after entertaining a career in academia, as well as her 2022 racing plans which include UTMB.


  • (1:02) - sponsorship change
  • (6:47) - 2022 racing schedule
  • (14:54) - health care for professional trail runners
  • (18:02) - importance of mindset in the recovery process
  • (25:47) - risk aversion
  • (27:45) - choosing between pro mountain running and academia
  • (32:27) - touring her book, van life
  • (37:18) - overtraining syndrome, impact on pro athletes and sponsors


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