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Jan. 13, 2022

Golden Ticket Talks | Tyler Fox, Bandera 100K 2nd Place Male

Golden Ticket Talks | Tyler Fox, Bandera 100K 2nd Place Male
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In this episode, we talk with the 2nd place male finisher at the 2022 Bandera 100k, Tyler Fox. Tyler is based in Lander, WY and has been quietly crushing some of the top mountain ultra trail races across the American West including the Bear 100,  Bighorn 100, Never Summer 100k, and Speedgoat 50k to name a few.

In addition to the recap of his race at Bandera and his initial thoughts on Western States, we talk about his coaching business and the state of that profession in our sport, the trail running scene in Lander, WY, what’s exciting and concerning him most about the trajectory of our sport, and the issue of eating disorders among trail runners. 

Multiple listeners of the show reached out beforehand to note that Tyler may very well be the most underrated athlete on the American scene right now and I think I agree. I’m excited to see what Tyler can do at Western States this coming June. 

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