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April 27, 2022

Golden Ticket Talks | Rod Farvard, Canyons 100K 4th Place Male

Golden Ticket Talks | Rod Farvard, Canyons 100K 4th Place Male
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In this episode, we talk with the 4th place male finisher at the 2022 Canyons 100K, Rod Farvard.

Rod is based in Mammoth Lakes, CA. In addition to race analysis and expectations for the Western States in June, we also talk about his background in ultrarunning, his former life on the competitive triathlon scene, how he thinks about training, and much more.


  • (1:09) - Initial thoughts on the golden ticket experience
  • (3:52) - Getting into ultrarunning at age 19
  • (6:27) - Experience in the competitive triathlon world
  • (7:48) - Triathlon influences that carry over to ultrarunning
  • (10:59) - How ultrarunning is trending towards being more calculated
  • (14:54) - Thoughts on multi-sport training for ultras
  • (17:10) - Living and training in Santa Barbara and Mammoth Lakes
  • (22:43) - Rod's history of chasing golden tickets
  • (25:38) - Changes in race strategy over the years
  • (27:06) - Canyons 100K analysis
  • (38:41) - Preparing for the Western States-UTMB double
  • (40:35) - Biggest takeaways from the Canyons 100K
  • (41:48) - Lessons from DNFing Western States in 2021
  • (49:30) - Rod's why for ultrarunning
  • (51:52) - What else Rod has changed his mind about in ultrarunning over the years


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