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April 29, 2022

Golden Ticket Talks | Leah Yingling, Canyons 100K 2nd Place Female

Golden Ticket Talks | Leah Yingling, Canyons 100K 2nd Place Female
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Leah Yingling is a professional trail runner for Salomon based in Salt Lake City, UT.

In addition to preparation for the Canyons 100K, her race analysis, and expectations for Western States in June, we also talk about her multi-year odyssey for a golden ticket, how she is able to perform so consistently in such an unpredictable sport, what its like having a life partner that is just as passionate about ultrarunning, the benefits of training on the Wasatch Front, and more.


  • (1:35) - the multi-year quest for the golden ticket
  • (2:44) - what it feels like to hit big ultrarunning milestones and to reset goals
  • (4:10) - introduction to ultrarunning
  • (6:47) - collegiate ultrarunning teams 
  • (7:15) - why Leah moved to Salt Lake City
  • (8:57) - why Salt Lake is a great place to be a trail runner
  • (11:03) - the consistency of Leah’s ultrarunning results
  • (14:38) - the benefits of being dialed on the logistical side of the sport
  • (19:44) - lessons applied from the 2021 Canyons 100K
  • (22:40) - developing the confidence to race strategically
  • (25:29) - comparing the last 10 miles of her race at Bandera to her race at Canyons
  • (29:49) - takeaways from the 2022 Canyons 100K
  • (32:11) - expectations for Western States
  • (33:34) - how she will train for Western States in Salt Lake
  • (35:36) - early thoughts on the women’s field at Western States this year
  • (38:12) - ultrarunning career goals outside of Western States
  • (40:40) - the benefits of having a life partner that is equally stoked about ultrarunning
  • (45:31) - her “why” for ultrarunning
  • (48:30) - miscellaneous questions


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