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Jan. 13, 2022

Golden Ticket Talks | Ellie Pell, Bandera 100K 2nd Place Female

Golden Ticket Talks | Ellie Pell, Bandera 100K 2nd Place Female
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In this episode, we talk with the 2nd place female finisher at the 2022 Bandera 100k, Ellie Pell. Ellie is an East Coaster based in the Finger Lakes region of New York where she has put up strong results on the local circuit, as well as at the JFK 50 in recent years. 

In addition to the recap of her race at Bandera and her initial thoughts on Western States, we talk about her mental approach to ultras, the East Coast trail running scene, a relatively new media establishment - the Trails Collective - that caught my attention, and more. 

Ellie dropped a lot of memorable quotes in this one that I’ll be thinking about for some time. Her approach to racing is interesting, and I think it will bode well at Western States. We will see! As an East Coast expat, I will certainly be rooting for her.


  • (1:16) - immediate golden ticket reaction
  • (2:54) - this one is for the beast coast 
  • (6:31) - why the east coast doesn't get more trail running recognition
  • (9:01) - why Ellie chose Bandera
  • (14:52) - racing style, Bandera reflections
  • (22:53) - Western States thoughts 
  • (26:05) - mental approach to ultrarunning
  • (34:55) - ideas to raise the profile of east coast trail running
  • (38:27) - trails collective
  • (44:21) - expectations for Western States

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