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Dec. 29, 2022

Dan Curts | Chasing The Pro Running Dream, Sub-Ultra Focus, Northeast Trail Culture

Dan Curts | Chasing The Pro Running Dream, Sub-Ultra Focus, Northeast Trail Culture
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In our last episode of 2022 we are talking with Dan Curts, a professional trail runner based in Norwich, VT. 

This is a wide-ranging conversation in which we talk about the disillusionment that can come about in the collegiate and post-collegiate track and road running worlds, how Dan ultimately landed in the sub-ultra trail racing scene, building a running team in the Northeast and the pros and cons of being an aspiring pro trail runner in this part of the country, and the highs and lows of the  past year trying to make it in the sport.


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  • (1:55) introduction to the trail running scene, specialities, career highlights to date 
  • (4:55) running as a vehicle for educational and career opportunities 
  • (9:26) pros and cons of collegiate running 
  • (13:22) motivations to continue pursuing competitive running post-collegiately 
  • (20:57) trail running inspirations
  • (23:04) Northwoods Athletics running team
  • (29:26) the pressure for aspiring east coast trail runners to head west to make it professionally
  • (41:43) lessons of building a running team, reflecting more on the northeast trail scene
  • (52:46) the highs and lows of the last year trying to make it as a pro trail runner
  • (61:21) whether brands are more interested in ultra or sub ultra trail athletes right now
  • (65:23) interesting relationships, conversations with contemporaries in the sport
  • (70:01) racing culture differences across running disciplines
  • (75:41) 2023 racing plans

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