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Jan. 19, 2022

Corrine Malcolm | State Of The Sport, Ultra Running Commentary

Corrine Malcolm | State Of The Sport, Ultra Running Commentary

Corrine Malcolm is a Professional Trail Runner Adidas Terrex, a Co-Host of the Trail Society podcast, a coach at Carmichael Training Systems and in general, one of the more involved people in our sport.

We talk about the good and the bad of growth in our sport, especially relating to brand-building, race organizing, drug testing, and the overall professionalization of ultra running. We dig some coaching and running science topics like racing frequency, off-season execution, and her research-related wishlist. Corrine also talks about how she got involved on the media side of the sport and offers her thoughts on doing commentary, evolving race coverage, and all the personalities in our community.


  • (1:12) - ultrarunning brands jockeying for control
  • (12:37) - concerns about the Quartz program
  • (22:08) - frequency of racing for elite ultrarunners
  • (27:00) - off seasons for ultrarunners
  • (30:29) - as the race distance increases, female runners get stronger
  • (35:12) - why testosterone may be a disadvantage in ultrarunning
  • (37:23) - why elite ultrarunners don't pace better
  • (41:45) - unanswered questions in ultrarunning research
  • (47:27) - how Corrine got into ultrarunning media
  • (53:57) - ultrarunning personalities in media
  • (60:50) - recruiting more female runners to ultrarunning
  • (65:22) - changing race cutoff times to attract more athletes
  • (67:33) - presentation expectations for male versus female sponsored athletes


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