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June 16, 2022

Cole Watson | 2022 Western States Pre-Race Interview

Cole Watson | 2022 Western States Pre-Race Interview
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Cole Watson is a professional trail runner for Hoka based in Folsom, CA lining up for his first Western States 100 this year.


  • (1:57) - experience running for the University of Oregon
  • (3:23) - whether collegiate running inspired or dissuaded him from continuing to compete post-collegiately
  • (5:16) - inspirations for trail running
  • (6:33) - taking ownership of performances
  • (8:00) - response to and lessons from 3 golden ticket misses in the last 2 years
  • (10:02) - not straying too far from strengths during the training block
  • (13:20) - whether he has enough intel about the 100 mile distance to be successful this year at Western States
  • (15:54) - what Cole is wearing and using on race day


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